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  • By using the automated system for donating, any type of refunds are strictly prohibited and cannot be claimed back, if a payment is made accidentally, please contact us at Payment Support on the forums we will solve this instantly. After buying the product what you do with it is none of our concern as long as you abide the rules. If you are not the credit card, or Paypal account owner do not order anything without permission. We are not responsible for any issues or problems that may occur.

  • You are responsible for any payment, and you know the procedure of getting items and also know the details of any specific item you buy. You won't dispute any payment or ask for a chargeback for your payments. You won't ask for a refund in any case. Even after you buy any item from us, you will still follow the rules and can be banned at any time for not doing so. A ban may result in not able to access items you donated. If something unfortunate happens to your registered account or a failed donation, please contact one of our staff members he will directly inform David- The founder of RuneRebellion.

  • Any donation made to RuneRebellion can be taken, refunded, or unable to be accessed due to multiple reasons. Know that your account belongs to RuneRebellion as well as any items. Also take note that a donation is a donation, you are not purchasing items, you are donating and receiving a reward for doing so.

  • is for educational purposes only and is not to be used in any other way.

  • is not responsible for the content on the page we link to, although we do guarantee your security when linking you to it.

  • uses the name "RuneRebellion" to indicate the game available on hosted services and does not refer to any part of the website.

  • You don't currently play RuneScape, or other games created by Jagex Ltd. If you do, you do not belong here, and we advise you to leave.

  • The Terms of Service (TOS) of Jagex are not applicable for this site, however, they may apply to the player when you have played or are (also) playing RuneRebellion.

  • It is not's intention to let users act in non-compliance with the TOS and that players (you) must and are solely responsible to act in compliance with the Jagex TOS at all times.

  • All of the services provided by this website and its owners are strictly for recreational/educational purposes. Users who have other intents than to entertain themselves with our services and/or act in default of any of the TOS as mentioned herein have no place at our community and are urged to exit the browser from this website now and permanently.

  • You agree that you do not work for Jagex, play games created by Jagex, are related to those that work for Jagex, or are associated with Jagex in any other way.

  • RuneRebellion uses Remarking for advertisement purposes. If you don't agree with this please leave now.

  • RuneRebellion will NOT invade your personal information, or release it to anyone.

  • Your RuneRebellion account, or anything it contains belongs to RuneRebellion, and only RuneRebellion.

  • Warranty
    Any items purchased from us is covered by a warranty, the warranty includes:

  • Not receiving the product due to technicalities

  • Purchasing the wrong product on accident, the payment will be reversed, and your product will be adjusted approximately

  • If somehow your product is defective, and no longer works, we will correct the issue after being notified ASAP

  • Once a dispute is made the warranty is instantly void.

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